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"Under the domb?" Two Point One on the Horizon.

Tuesday, January 7 2014

        Morning of January 7, 2014.  Tuesday.        Over the past twenty years, and more so, the past five or six years, I have become more and more “out of the loop” regarding what many people (primarily in mainstream society) are talking about, as if I was on an alien planet - sometimes I try, sometimes I do not - even if they resort to false ideology and clueless (invalid) revisionist history of their ta

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"Under the Dumb", "The dumb of the dumb" and the Möbius mind

Saturday, August 31 2013

        Morning of August 31, 2013. Saturday.         I am in a "show" (on the scene) which is more like a documentary, yet still with connections to the newer television series "Under the Dome" and with some of the same people at first (before it moves into far more "exotic" turf), including one of the most annoying people I have ever seen on television, actor Alexander Koch (which I guess is why he plays patronizing and ins


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