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Climbing a Vine

Saturday, March 4 2017

        Morning of March 4, 2017. Saturday.        I am in a rainforest, probably the Daintree Rainforest. It seems to be very late at night or a few hours before dawn. I am a young girl. I have no discernible association with my conscious self identity (which is rare in my dreams, even though much of my memory is often missing otherwise). I am clearly aware of my smaller size orientation and have full body awareness. (The river nearby was the foundation o

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Shaking Hands with Mr. Grapevine

Sunday, June 19 1977

        Morning of June 19, 1977. Sunday. Father's Day.        In my dream, i am in my father's room in Cubitis (south end of our house, not the one he had built into our carport) seemingly around morning. There is a tall and narrow plant growing from a rather small plant pot. It seems to be intelligent in some ways and is actually a special grapevine growing up nearly to the ceiling in the middle of the south wall. It even moves a section of conne


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