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Water and Fire in the Shed

Wednesday, November 30 2016

        Morning of November 30, 2016. Wednesday.        I am with a few people including my wife Zsuzsanna. The setting is unknown but similar to the Loomis Street house's shed (garage) except that it is longer. It seems to be morning.         A few random fires start here and there. The first fires are mainly near the garage door entrance into the alley (which was never used in real life). One person uses a hose and I use a bu

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Eye Liner

Lucid Intent

Technique: None
Wednesday, August 5 2015

        Night of August 5, 2015. Wednesday.        I offer my humble apologizes for the title as it is a rather groan-worthy pun.         I am hovering out over the ocean in late afternoon it seems near what I assume is a four stacker liner. It is quite vivid and I am lucid but decide to just see what is going on and remain passive. Looking more closely, I see a series of portholes on the side of the ship. However, each round porthol


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