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Preparedness (and “showing off” with a ladder)

Saturday, December 26 2015

       Morning of December 26, 2015. Saturday.         The hospital in this dream can obviously be determined to be where a person goes in real life if they are injured or sick. In this case, mainstream society is injurious on some levels and yet, even with systematic documentation that delays people's needs, nothing viable is really done in a timely manner - thus we have abandoned mainstream beliefs. This incarnation of my dream self believes that I

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Number Twenty-Two and “Turning the Tables”

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, December 29 1993

        Morning of December 29, 1993. Wednesday.         This dream was fairly short but there were recurring aspects. This entry is as it was when the dream journal site first started years ago (note the “ten years on” comment meaning it was posted firstly in around 2003), with only minor spelling corrections and grammar changes.         I am walking into a house near where my brother Earl lives. Inside is a family


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