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Hyena Law

Tuesday, June 3 1997

        Morning of June 3, 1997. Tuesday.        This was a bizarre dream about some sort of new law or "standard" in society. This apparently closely and strictly enforced law required that a person have a dangerous hyena in their kitchen. My wife and I are endangered at one location, but I am able to fend them off. (I had made a note of other fictional new "standards" using the word "twisted" relating to modern mainstream cu

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Isolated Woods

Saturday, September 28 1996

        Morning of September 28, 1996. Saturday.         This is a very vivid dream of living in a rather isolated wooded area though of which seems somewhat like where I once lived in Florida. There are people involved in some sort of animal conservation but the details are distorted or a bit abstract. There are different wild animals that come near my home, including a black bear - implied to be near the railroad tracks at one point. There is an unu


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