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The Yellow Blob and the Ghost Hunters

Lucid Intent
Thursday, October 29 1964

        Morning of October 29, 1964. Thursday.        This is one of my most significant and vivid very early recurring childhood dreams, already an "old" dream by the time I was five years of age, and one of the first to be studied on Rose Street. Like certain other very early childhood dreams, it seems to have been influenced by stories my father told me by my bedside when I was only about three years of age (although the memory I had of this w

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Not the Whippoorwill

Thursday, October 1 1964

        Night of October 1, 1964. Thursday.        It is late at night on Chipmunk Coulee. I hear the sound of the whippoorwill, which is eerie and somehow creates the impression that the bird can take human form (to possibly kidnap people). On the edge of the forest, there is a human figure. I am first relieved to see that it is my brother Earl (older half-brother on my mother side). Soon however, there is doubt. It may not be him (and in a way does not l


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