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Outside Laundromat

Saturday, May 14 1966

        Morning of May 14, 1966. Saturday.         I am in a building with my sister Marilyn, though it is more like a structure with no walls and only a few thin columns holding up a low roof, fully open to the outside. She seems to have taken on the role of my mother and I think is there to either wash clothes or visit with a friend who is washing clothes.         Washing machines are lined up along the seeming north a

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Ocean Fun (Four Giant Girls Rock the Boat)

Lucid Intent
Saturday, May 7 1966

        Morning of May 7, 1966. Saturday.         Summary: I dreamt that four giant young girls rock an ocean liner.         I am seemingly looking at the ocean though it can only realistically be the Black River if La Crosse is assumed. (However, it does seem to be the ocean in-dream.) Four unknown girls of about twelve years old and dressed formally in "school clothes", but as high as a ten-storey building at least,


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