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Gray and Grey

Lucid Intent
Thursday, November 13 1980

        Morning of November 13, 1980. Thursday.         This version of a dream that seemed to partly replay a dream from 1973 involves standing at the bus stop on Loomis and Gillette. I get a strange sense of moving into the sky while somehow staying on the ground at the same time. It is probably solely my mental awareness that rises or expands. I get an impression of the concepts of “gray” and “grey” and am trying to work

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Seeds of Life

Sunday, November 9 1980

        Morning of November 9, 1980. Sunday.        This was a very long movie-like dream where I still played the main role. As such, I did not seem to be threatened at any point even though the basis is the end of modern civilization (which actually seems like a very positive thing in my dream in my own experiences), yet also a dawn of a seemingly better way of life. Several years after my dream, I enjoyed a song that came out with the same title as my


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