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"Mating" trains?

Thursday, November 17 1983

        Night of November 17, 1983. Thursday.        I am in La Crosse on Loomis Street. A section of my dream has some sort of "replay" of an idea from years ago relating to a classmate, Alan T, talking of burning down our school, and this seems to be happening to the south (though it would have to be a scene shifted from Florida as my dream’s setting is otherwise Wisconsin). It may also have something to do with some sort of "sarcasm

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“Arthur” in Reverse

Saturday, November 5 1983

        Morning of November 5, 1983. Saturday.        I am in my apartment on King Street (the northeast corner one with the cupola) and I have my small black-and-white television in the east area of the room facing mostly west. I am watching the movie "Arthur" (1981) - the movie with Dudley Moore and Liza Minnelli - in reverse. I am not fully sure of why I am watching "Arthur" in reverse, but there is supposedly some sort of special &q


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