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"Funny Business" in the Grotto

Lucid Intent
Saturday, April 11 1987

        Morning of April 11, 1987. Saturday.        In an older "prototype" of this dream (that does not have all the same implications), the dinosaur was more relative to cybernetics, giving more irony to the line "artificial prehistoric monster" in the most vivid version.        I seem to be two people in this dream; one person being myself and the other person being my (fictional) character that I sometimes watch

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Strong Wind and Tall Fire (a tribal couple)

Thursday, April 9 1987

        Morning of April 9, 1987. Thursday.        I have apparently climbed a long steep path up to an isolated castle. A newly married couple now lives in the castle. They are a younger Native American couple seemingly with traditional values and beliefs (even though they otherwise live in the castle). I know that their names are Strong Wind and Tall Fire. I am not sure, though, who is who. Logically, the man may be Tall Fire but I am not certain. Not


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