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The musical path through all names

Saturday, April 25 1992

        Morning of April 25, 1992.  Saturday.        Over the years, I have been intrigued, if not sometimes fatigued, by the many systems that dreams can teach over shorter and longer time periods.  People who assume dreams to be only bland, linear “stories” miss out on the major reason for dreams in the first place, and such people continue to baffle me on a regular basis - not just their surreal leve

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The Great "God" Worm

Lucid Intent

Technique: Other
Saturday, April 4 1992

        Morning of April 4, 1992. Saturday.        Although some people associate dragons, snakes, and large (especially white/albino) worms only with Satan (and even goats and owls, oddly enough - I guess some people should get out more), this dream involves a huge white translucent worm that seemed to actually be God. This was one of those dreams that is so vivid, it is almost indistinguishable from real life. It is from the time period around when my wi


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