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Partial Clauses

Friday, December 19 2003

        Morning of December 19, 2003. Friday.        I am in a store in a large mall shopping with my wife Zsuzsanna although I eventually mostly look around on my own. At first it seems like a grocery store, but over time, I notice more and more Santa figures which are not complete. It seems that many of them are actually being sold in an incomplete form (for example, missing a leg or arm, or even a head, though some of them still move about or walk a sho

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Office Chair as Street Vehicle

Thursday, December 18 2003

        Morning of December 18, 2003. Thursday.         In my dream, I need to get to the other side of town (related to a forgotten back story), that being the north side of La Crosse (though I am living in Australia at the time in my dream as well, thus I quickly got from my home in Australia to La Crosse somehow - without giving it any logical thought). It is getting a bit cooler (which it would be in La Crosse, though there is not much sno


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