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Signed up for a capture the flag/tourney/king of the hill.

Thursday, December 10 2015

We found ourselves in line for the great tourney. It was a massive affair where twenty warriors from each of the great races dueled to gain the coveted flag from the center hill. The Feline-like Va'shakar, the dark-skinned elves, the dwarves. Once the line came to an end, we filtered into a massive armory, myself finding a two-ended swallow-blade and a shield-blade for my off-hand. Once we had left, I saw the dwarves standing atop their bleacher-like gallery. We were in our own gallery acros

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Sunday, August 4 2013

This is a dream I had a few years ago but still remember really clearly. Knowing how dreams work, it's oddly coherent, as there are very few breaks in the actual action or knowledge of the story.   I was laying in my bed, trying to sleep, but the room was completely different than my normal room. The bed was pushed back against the center of the back wall, and except for an old nightstand with a lamp on it, there was only a dresser with butterflies on it pushed against the left si


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