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From Finals to Auditions to Disney

Wednesday, May 27 2015

My dreams were sparse last night, and it is likely due to stress over finals. There are three themes I can recall, though some better than most, and there are certainly some things I have forgotten. Probably the more interesting events are lost to me completely. First, there was the mandatory stress dream. I was in my Algebra II room, likely about to take the test. I cursed myself for not making a notecard, for not studying harder. Other than that, I remember seeing my teacher. I think she wa

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Battle at the Gate

Tuesday, May 26 2015

My perspective was limited to one. She was an experienced sort. Some kind of warrior? I cannot remember how she fought or what she wore (except that it was not armor). She was seeking someone out...maybe reluctantly? I don't remember any regretful feelings, but I don't think she was happy about asking for this particular man. He was some sort of old teacher. He had an apprentice with him. She had to take both with her. She already had a companion with her. Some sort of alchemist. The alc


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