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lucid and caught at school-

Lucid Intent
Sunday, November 6 2005

scene 1 - yes another dream lol- This time it takes place in a school- and I was writing something on the chalkboard-when some girl was arguing about what I was drawing was what I had copied from her- and I was so livid- and was furiously annoyed that they had let back this male teacher whom I was hearing in the hallway was saying How glad he was glad to be back- and I was so annoyed in the dream about not only the dam girl accusing me of stealing her drawing but

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Flooding- of Disater [waves]-

Monday, October 10 2005

scene 1- some very bizarre dreams - I am in some strange state [i think its california?} -or more its like i am viewing something- that- is going to happen- they are talking about the water coming and pouring into the city- some people weren't taking it seriously- but there were some that were saying where they could be - hiding from the pouring of water- that will possibly be coming- ----some are taking it seriously others aren't at first- [some are blacks- and there's a


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