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Being a good little indian.

Wednesday, October 29 2008

Dream 1- It sure was a busy night- I first remember some scenes about these indians. I also felt like a woman indian. We were near some land that  has a mountain [tan] and our home is located on the mountain. -  The chief is the father of course, and For some reason he doesn't want us to do this fighting? I hear him talk to the clan and there are men on horses, even I am on a horse? I recall that he was telling me to not even get on a horse. I had to go back to the huts and do some wom

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Escaping Indians *

Lucid Intent
Sunday, May 7 2006

scene 1- I am in the schoolyard , well it seemed like the schoolyard. with some strange crowd of people They seem to be a indian group ? My friend marlene is also with me , I can see the group gathering things and making the area more of like a home? I am laying on the ground near some indians and there are some kids there. One of them was not very happy * a young boy with dark short hair- . He was talking about something that was going to be going on, and he was missing his ot


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