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The future MRS PResident.

Thursday, January 3 2008

I am with some crowd and with Rachel , I don't really know where we were but were in the crowd and I think maybe its some store? I was standing by rachel and waiting in some line. When I was shocked to see Hillary Clinton was standing next to us. I think we were actually talking to her about older people and politcs etc- She was real nice and was giving us some booklets I think so we actually went home to tell mom and dad about seeing Hillary. I am not sure if she was able to come

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Hole in the wall and Strange basement

Lucid Intent
Monday, December 31 2007

Dream 1- I am at home in the bathroom and was going to use the shower when I happen to notice something on on the wall. near the bathroom shower. I was thinking it was just a hole and then I happen to look closer and the hole was like it could have some ants that were nesting in there. I happen to look in and could oddly see some set up like they were taking part of the wall down? I wasn't sure if I wanted to take a shower now or not ? Since I wasn't even sure if it was ants or some


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