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Muddy conditions and flying on my own

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, December 18 2007

scene 1- I recall being at some strange hotel. That is near the water. [ocean]- I am with Mom and Laurie and I think Rachel? Its a weird dream because some of the scenes are odd. I was there to relax and try have some fun. I think I was oddly going down some slide that's near the ocean. Its kind of like a park I think? The slide was long. and when I slid down, it was a bit muddy or I don't know what was on my clothes but it was gross. I had to search for my room - [upstairs] some peo

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Strange Bedfellows- Gangsta luv

Friday, October 19 2007

Scene 1 - I recall being in this strange building. Ok I think I remember now, The first part of the dream I am at some hotel. Its not a very fancy hotel. I go into the room . I am not even sure if the room is occupied. There is a kitchen and some bed etc. I wanted to be alone for a bit. Though I hear some people next room. I think they might of even been part of this room ? I recall going into use the bathroom. I hear I think Kris and Laurie they were trying to get me to leave this roo


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