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Jeep 'rager'

Wednesday, July 10 2013

dream 1 - I am on our street,and think i am driving , and had to stop in the middle near ms browns house cuzz i see a big blue truck [well one of those jeeps ] that they drive in the sand dunes with big wheels and color light blue- I am wondering who could that be and I noticed Max  [my nephew] and see him going into the jeep and he almost hit the car and sped off real fast-and I think dad actually was driving,since we both were dumbfounded that he would be driving and that type of jeep -..

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Wrecked vision

Monday, January 2 2012

dream 5) I am with the cast of Wkrp, was in the office setting, and was joking around with Johnny and baily. Saw Less Nessman and Jennifer. It was just a bunch of joking.   dream 6) Recall driving again, and on backroads, near the property of that old mans farm, and he is doing something strange outside, I was seeing the bridge and think that the bridge was broken so we had to go around in his property , though we almost got stuck, and went in the water, but we were saved, and the ol


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