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Meeting up with wrong persons,Golden moments& real or fake ?

Monday, May 26 2014

dream- I am with amanda ,and we are walking downtown[not familiar] we went into a mall,and were going to eat in the food court area..I look over at a table in the distance and notice a guy with tattoes on his arms and a mowhak type hair-. I realize that they [shane is there too and another boy that I think might of been her boyfried at the moment* we walked in the crowded ,cramped area ..and I just am waiting for her to go up to a place to eat- but now she is with Her new boyfriend [the one with

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Lost and Found

Lucid Intent
Friday, May 4 2007

1) Some weird dream. I am outside , and I was with our neighbor who is also our cousin. I talk to the wife and she is looking for her youngest son. I told her I think I saw him going down by the end of the street. So I think I go help her find him. He ends up being over at this strange building that is like a museum? I asked her as she came out of the weird building , "Did you find him?" she says "Yes he was in there looking at the baseball things. " She seemed sad for some reason. I


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