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Sucker school - from 2000 Part 2 . [vampires]

Sunday, October 7 2007

Scene 2 I quickly sit across from this blonde chick I say "Hello" she smiles but t think shes a SNOT- "Did you know you look like Sarah michelle gellar?" She did in the dream- But I think she's suppose to be an ex class mate. [my enemy] . Though she's nice to me here- Even when we had to climb up this stupid stairway That people kids were sliding down. One had almost took my bag . By his feel . I had to quickly grab it and also the other girls too She was shy "Thank you" I made

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The alien Dreams from Long ago . .

Friday, October 5 2007

Since I didn't really catch my dreams last night- or I think I didn't, I am going to write the space-man dream that I recalled from my teen years. Yes I do recall it. I remember being on a road trip, with family members. Old green station wagon. - We drove up by some woods. Recall that we had gotten out, and I notice something odd in the woods. I go up to the path. I go through some strange shaped building. - and there is a man in some robe [brown] I thought he was human , b

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A Look Back on Nostalga

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, January 31 2007

scene 1- I am at home, and it had to do with being with marlene. Takes place in the past. Im sitting on our old couch. Thare kids around. I think one of them is Tabitha. They wanted to go in our ex-pool. So they went out as we decided what to do. I think they wanted to go out to eat. But we stayed in the living room. Talking for awhile. I could here them outback in the pool. We went out to swim and then we were over in her mother's yard that is behind us. We end up still in the pool


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