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Getting the Birds to the other side *

Tuesday, May 9 2006

scene 1- Some very weird dreams, I remember the first one being out in the backyard, and its set in the past because the old tree is there, and yet its also in the present since I am my age- * and I am near the old maple-tree-. I could hear some birds up in the tree. Ms B- from behind us- was asking me to help save the birds-. Since they aren't up on the tree that well. I was looking up there and said "I am not sure that I can reach it." * She said she had some type of

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Past , present ? Time is confusing *

Thursday, April 13 2006

scene 1- some mixed dreams, I recall I am looking out the front window, and I happen to see that it is snowing, and I am so annoyed "There goes spring. " * I think I am waiting to see if the sobels are going to be coming home, They had gone for a vacation? [sobels were our ex-neighbors from a looooooong time ago and I don't even know why I dream of them -}* Well I didn't think they were coming back, that day , I went up to close the doors ex- then i see the saab and t


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