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College Drain * Not enough Burgers

Sunday, September 28 2008

setting- I am walking near a college. I don't know this area in real life** - I guess they planned to do some changes to the college and I don't think people knew about it yet. Since they had class still in session. I actually go around and go to part of the school. Its a big building. I could see they had some type of drainage area that is a circle. I guessed they had to drain it. ? its a bit weird here, because the drainage is in the school where people have to walk around it. It has some roun

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Dead letter society

Lucid Intent
Monday, May 7 2007

scene 1 ) I am at some school? its a college. I go walking through the lobby to outside. I am not sure if I am an at the school. I go and sit near some girls that are in sports. I think they are waiting for a game of lacroose however ya spell it. I see Rachel coming out and joining them I am like "She doesn't like sports. " surprised to see her there. They are in uniforms skirts- . I hear some sirens. they come up to the school. Which we are surprised. They come up and talk ab


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