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Mansion above shaky Ground -spirit in paintings

Friday, May 9 2008

dream 1- Some weird dreams again. I am at some strange Mansion Its a very big mansion. With some family living there that is also weird. There is a woman that has red hair past her shoulders and some other brothers.  I am going around the the inside of the place and I happen to notice something odd going on with the portraits . They seemed to be taking some weird shapes and moving to another part of the wall. The place is huge, and that's when I was with the family telling them about the po

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Waves of Intensity

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, November 13 2007

Scene 1 ) This was a very intense dream. I am actually at 2 places. Some scenes are at home. I am on the beach and Was seeing the nice water. There were people around on the beach too. I think I was there with some family? Well I go over towards the water and I it was like I was Knowing there was going to be a Tidal Wave. I went towards the water I am actually swimming when I could see this HUGE Wave coming towards the beach. I was shocked. I am trying to actually get away from


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