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NO ONe likes My baked goods. UFO?

Wednesday, March 9 2011

dream- I am in some hotel, and had my things in the other room, guess we had to pack up and get ready to leave, I was my usual self "Got to be sure I got everything" and even scott was there- . and I was trying to get mom's jewelry box and taking the things I needed . I had some jewelry and was trying to find the correct box. I also oddly was looking at disney dolls, and they were in boxes. One of aladdin whose head was moved. I am trying to get them out of the boxes so I can take them too, Its

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Creepy Guys and UFO's in the night *

Lucid Intent
Thursday, April 27 2006

some bizarre dreams- surprised I did dream at that hotel lol - Well , I am with some teenagers and they are friends in the dream, well we are driving around before we go to school I guess, and Were doing typical teenage things. * We end up going to school and I am in some classes , but as I am walking - to my locker, I notice some little kid is going through the same doors as I do and I had to try and get him to go to the other class where his mom is-. So his mom was


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