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Lights and Dolls

Wednesday, May 2 2007

scene 1 ) I recall being at school . I didn't recognize the school. Though I know its middle school. We were going down to a classroom. and we had to clean up? I am finding some dolls. So I packed them up. We are near some desks. I noticed some lights in the sky by the window. I am starring at them and trying to get some other's to look but they didn't see them. They are more into getting the classroom ready. ? Trying to get me, to do something in the room too. I kept finding some d

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UFOs and Nothing is good enough

Lucid Intent
Monday, January 22 2007

scene 1 I am at home and in the small room I think I am moving things to another room since I recall even parts of the room being empty and going around wondering where I am going to put things- when I was thinking about Frasier and the UFO scenes. I recall seing some UFo clip and That frasier had been part of the UFO joke?Though I think He had actually been takin up on the ship and I could see the ship and lights near me. I wondered who else was going to be beamed up? I think of murder


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