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The Michael Jackson 'skin foundation' rosie has puppies

Wednesday, July 31 2013

dream 1- I am in a unfamiliar  building, and looking at some displays of make up, and i had a make up that was for the face [foundation make up] -and I went quickly over to a table where a friend is sitting and being a bit loud [think she is autistic] and i am telling her to be quiet - and I sit down on the bench [like a picnic table]-and am looking at the bottle of the tan foundation- and michael jackson suddenly sits next to me, and I am shocked .. he sees the make up and asks ''Can I use

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Brady bunch x mass * VAIN CREW MEN *

Wednesday, December 19 2012

dream - I am I think it looks like the set of brady bunch , since I see all of them there and discusing some thing that i don't really recall ...but mostly marsha and Greg are talking about it ..and I see mrs brady doing something with the tree..and telling them about the singing she was going to do ..and I saw bobby doing something or looking for something in the couch... and just having some conversation about x-mass...   Then I am at home with Laurie and rachel .. its the present , sin


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