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Lost in directions with weird man

Saturday, June 11 2011

dream 1-I am adding the part 2- , where I end up going through to a strange neighborhood, and I wasn't even sure where I was, and I had to get to a store that I had to walk towards the city, and I don't even think I  am familiar where I am . I went down a hill and was near a bridge scene, and trying to figure out where i can get help. it felt LIke i went into what appeared to be a abandoned house, but when I was trying to use my cell phone, I was hearing some truck, and a guy was there and

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Abandon Home and Fish

Lucid Intent
Friday, January 4 2008

scene 1 I am in the schoolyard and going through the field. Meeting up with some odd characters- Some looked to be from a circus. - well I was with them around the school and then we were going to some strange house that looked to be abandon? and I am doing something first with mash characters again. Seems to be some wounded that were outside the area we went into. I think it was me and charles that go in. The place is a mess, and I am stunned at the things laying around. I wonder


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