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Mr idiot returns, accusing eyes,Moving odd furniture

Friday, March 4 2011

dream- 1, I am at home and Laurie is there and we are on the couch talking when she was showing me some orange type book, and I was curious to where she got it. I guess she made it from facebook- but I don't know why? She kind of looked up at me, and was acting a bit strange I was like 'What?' and she said "Did you add mr idiot as friend on facebook?" and I was like "HEll NO" . She seemed to think I had, and of course she is with him and I see him in the window, and wasn't wanting him to come in

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Sibling Rivalry Turned EVIL>

Tuesday, February 10 2009

dream- This dream is so freaky that it woke me up and wanted to watch tv. I know it takes place in a house. I am with some casts from Fraiser in a den and its Niles and Frasier . Sitting on a couch, I think there might of been some gathering? Not sure, but it got really violent. Since I am arguing with a sister [different sister in my dream, she had long black hair and wearing a gown]- I felt that we were trying to compete against evil- and good? I had moved the couch sideways - or she did and t


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