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MoM returns from the dead 'Smiling' Falling into black eyes

Sunday, August 4 2013

dream 1- A lot of dreams last night,some very interesting , and odd..but fun... Well I will start with the ones about mom- I know she hasn't been talking to me or hugging me [like dad has in dreams] but even though the dream last night was a bit intense,sad. I actually felt she was communicating with me...she is all over places,like restaurants,unfamiliar buildings, and as she is starting to get sick, she starts talking to [Betty White] and was getting advice from her and how she became to be 9

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Video Game alive

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, August 8 2006

scene 1 - Recall being downstairs, and am working on this computer. I am surprised that there is some game that is on the computer that is like some animated talking game. I am downstairs and using it , and was really getting into the game Then I am still with the game, and They wanted me upstairs but I am still wanting to try out this action game and its cool. The room is from the past. and I am at the old desk . and was feeling a bit like I am being pulled away from the d


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