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Moving away from Idiots & animal trouble

Sunday, September 7 2008

Dream 1- I am at home, but I think its different in the dream, I recall that Laurie , Rachel and Idiot [her ex husband ] was there too. The others were trying to tell him to leave, and he was there to ask some questions. I think he wanted to do something with me, and I said "NO way"  I am in some room , I think its my room but we had to get it all  ready to move to another house? I know there was packing involved.  I recall that though we told him to leave, he appears in most all

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Acting Squirrely & Star wars

Thursday, August 28 2008

dream 1-  Another mixture of dreams, strange. I recall being at home and yet the house is like - Gravlins. neighbor. I had been out in our backyard,and dealing with the squirrels and some rabbits? it felt like the past since our old  tree was there. I am digging something and that's when I see that the door is open. I think I had some kittens in the dream too, for I am trying to get them in a room but they are too quick. I get frustrated and that's when I  realize that - I had to


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