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Twisters all around

Lucid Intent
Saturday, December 29 2007

scene 1- some very stressful dreams about Tornadoes. - and also Parakeets in and out of cages. - Tornado that starts out in around our yard and we had to get over to the school yard. Where we're trying to get to a safe place before any danger happens- I even see some twisters- around our area and they are looking fierce [scott is there and joey too ] we are going into the school and I was trying to see if there was a place to go down into as I was telling everyone that we should hide

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Finding new Treasures *

Sunday, May 7 2006

scene 1- Recall being over at Laurie's house with Rachel, and she is telling me about how to handle her snake, and Morad was there , he was just telling me that the snake should be put somewhere else like in the toilet. We ignored him, and the cat was trying to get to the snake and I think Laurie had some guest here, I remember putting the snake back in, and then I was curious about somethig a box that looked like from a victorian age- . I know Laurie was still with someone [I th


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