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Cancer can be treated-?

Monday, December 29 2008

dream- I recall being over at Laurie's house and there in the basement to watch the cats. I am not sure if I am suppose to be there or not? I think Rachel was out at the doctors. I am playing around with the cats and looking at something that they wrote? I had a poster in my hands and think it had to do with KISS? I dunno, I know I see something that had to do with Kiss and wearing the make-up. Well I hear them come back after awhile. - I go upstairs quick and I ask what went on. I guess Rachel

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Admiring the decor and dining with scum

Lucid Intent
Thursday, December 13 2007

Dream 1- I am over at my neighbores house, and I am admiring her new decor. There was a black candle holder on the wall by the door and some other little new things added that I thought was so neat. I go into her kitchen and there was some new items there too. I was wondering about the cat and that's when bogy came up with some other kitten and I said "OH how cute, they must'eve gotten another kitty." The kitten was so cute and very friendly. I was staying around [no one was there] an


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