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Clean sink & finding new Things- Hershey back

Sunday, September 21 2008

dream 1- I recall being in the kitchen, and something was clogging up the sink. I attempt to pull out whatever it was , though i didn't want to since its so gross-,I actually pull out a red-and white sweater , shirt that dad had a long time ago. I guessed that was what is blocking the sink. Though I see some other stuff too and had to pull it out.  2) Still at home, I am near the closet where we keep all the towels. I find a can-opener and I am shocked to find it there . I am feeling a bit

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Had a great Fall- & Odd Requests

Lucid Intent
Sunday, January 27 2008

scene 1- this was a disturbing dream. I am out by some hotels I think? I am with Mom and Laurie? I went outside- and I see Hershey was running towards some stairwells. I am trying to get her to stop, but she won't and I could see her go down down falling to the ground below. Though oddly she landed like she was sleeping. ? I wasn't sure she was ok. Think I was concerned she was dead. I believe I woke up then. I went to hug her since she was staying with us last night and the other ni


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