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From a Strange point of view..

Friday, July 1 2011

dream 1- recall bits and pieces of being in a woman's home [don't know whose but knew woman only in dream had black short hair tall nice tan kitchen]- and was helping her around the kitchen with her young boy- and i saw the weird clocks on the wall, and was seeing it was getting late, and I happen to glance at a window and oddly could see mom and dad eating [plants in window] and saw them "I guess i best go eat" I said. I don't think I went home, I called them and said I would be later. - I was

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Snooping in dangerous places

Wednesday, October 3 2007

scene 1 _ guess I do recall visiting this old- 2 story house. I go inside and there was a lot of stuff around. Loose boards etc. I wasn't aware but the woman [older] was around and she sees me but acts like she even knows me. - She was telling me what should go where etc and was also saying "I cooked up something good to eat too " she had a dog. [small ] and was following me. I wasn't sure I wanted to even eat there? I was just picking up things and seeing how disorderly it was. - Also

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Elusive balloon and Not a golden sight

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, April 10 2007

scene 1 I am on our street. Its sunny and warm. First I am just walking myself. Then I happen to spot some elusive balloon that is floating up over our street. Its a big balloon with a string and something that can be grabbed onto. I see the little kids that were running after it, and I hear the parents are out. I hear someone say "Don't run too far off the street !" They were trying to reach it but it flew up over towards the other street and I see its over the next street . I was thinki


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