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Grass isn't always greener in my world & tired to die

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, May 12 2015

dream,,  I am in my unit, and It felt like this dream was real, like I was really telling laurie about how my life can be stressful ,even though I don't work..and am on disability..the couch was over on the opposite wall and being real close to her, like right in her face.. since it looked like she was having that glazed look, like she wasn't listening or had a dubious look on her face..since I wasn't working, and trying to tell that I feel that when they think my life is so 

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Observing the portal in the sky- & cleaning up with neighbor

Monday, December 5 2011

dream- I am observing some odd looking object in the sky and it looks metal brown , and I am with someone, a boy and he says "Thats the portal to the universe" and I said "Its fake" and he says "No its real'' and I was just joking around and pointing a stick at it and it actually opened up, and its a bit like the story from neverland last night movie- and I could see the sky inside was pink- and bright- I wanted to go to it but the hole was too far away-. and we were just sitting back and admiri

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Give Cat nine more lives somewhere else **

Friday, May 5 2006

scene 1- The scene takes place with my friend marlene. We had just gone shopping? and she sees some office with some people around this table. She asks me about my therapy if I had even asked about Vivian. A doctor that isn't even a therapist but is at the office where I go see my doctor- I said "No I haven't , I don't think it will do much good. " SHe actually drags me into the office, and I am seeing that they are having some type of group conversation . I said "what th


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