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Weird neighborhood charcters

Saturday, August 12 2006

scene 1 - Some weird more dreams some dreams are about being in another crowded room. I think it might of even been school again. --- Well any way-. We are doing something with the arobics classes and pool is there too. So I am not sure if it is really a school--- seems weird since we are doing all these strange type of arobics, and then we could see some members from kiss- were up on this stage. [in make up ] - don't ask me why I even dream of them- Well They were d

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Past Pooling around and Mash Talking

Lucid Intent
Friday, July 21 2006

scene 1- I am outside in our backyard, and swimming in our old pool with some ex- classmate that I didn't even get along with . We decided to go in the pool and mom and I think Scotts old friends were around, well scotts friends were from the past and playing some ballgame - tossing . Mom was on some lounge chair it is a bit like the past again. * We go in the water and she thought it was going to be too cold. but I went in and said "IT isnt too bad. " She is very t


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