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Friend Ghost or Human?? To find bugs

Wednesday, January 21 2009

dream,theme of this dream is ghost-or not ghost- friend. dream-people are- ghost-friend looked like she has brown short hair -skinny-,The leader of the pack of teen boys- [since he took me to her]- feelings- confused,uncertain, sad,stunned.   dream-took me to a private apartment,-near woods- backstair way. - spacious room kitchen-livingroom. - packing her stuff she seems to be moving. ? paintings and such. I was going through. --- I am in the room and it felt errie when I am alone- a

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Vampire Attack and odd request

Thursday, December 27 2007

scene 1- I recall being in this weird apartment. - I was trying to search for something [don't know what] When I knew some people were coming. The apartment was strange and it had a retro look and even a stairway . i was trying to clean up something I think- and that's when this woman with black hair comes in wearing a long white dress and looking like a Goddess?? well She sees me trying to do something around this table that had all this stuff on it. Well she was hovering over me an


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