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Caught ON DOPE

Monday, December 8 2008

dream- I am with my friend marlene at her work place and I get in a discussion with her after she is talking with her co-workers- and she didn't seem that I was right- and walked away but I was still yelling at her that she has found new friends- -- and yet though we were yelling, we end up at her place, but in the dream her place is our neighbor's- and we are getting drunk - Francis had the dope there and so I showed her the bag I found, and we were going to use that- too and I went outside to

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Starsky and Hutch - capture a molester

Lucid Intent
Saturday, May 6 2006

scene 1- Well I recall Starsky and Hutch being in this dream, and I am with them in the ususal settings, of backstreet roads near towns of relic areas. Scums. Gangsters, drug dealers. etc- I recall riding with them , and they are in the area looking for some child molester? I felt like i am the child though, and younger that's why I am with them, and I had to see if the man was around. I am a bit nervous, and I had pointed out to them about the guy. So that - We had to stop a


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