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Captured by Someone Famous-

Saturday, June 17 2006

scene 1- This is surely a Odd dream. - I recall being at home, and I am looking out our dining-room window- [which is on the opposite side like the past]- I see someone in the snow- its a child , black child. Has hair like Michael Jackson when he was younger. I am shocked that he is left alone - or I think he is left alone? All he is doing is playing in in the snow- So I asked him if he wanted to come in. I think it was a him-? Well He does. [was rutger Haur} I give him

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From Babies to Celebrities

Lucid Intent
Sunday, February 19 2006

scene 1- I am at home and in bed [other bedroom next to my own]- I hear Laurie and she is talking loud. I get annoyed and try to close the door. Until I happen to notice there is a baby that's standing by my doorway. [boy]- I wonder who he belongs to. [wearing a light blue pj's]- He is holding onto the wall nnd I tell him he has to go back to the living room. I noticed that there was a stuffed animal that is laying there and how its the wolf I had. [baby] "No NO you can't take tha


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