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Mean mamma won't let me play any games..

Wednesday, December 24 2014

        dream- Short dream memories..not sleeping long at night..but had to do with mom and her in the old garage.. was cleaning up the garage..getting things organized..and she was saying '"Put those up there, no ! not there .. I am getting vexed with her attitude...she had on the same outfit like the one the other night...was younger looking..and I am trying to appease her but she kept barking orders at me..and I saw jason [from the past] and said "I am g

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A whole LOT of Catching up to do..discipline is hard

Lucid Intent
Wednesday, November 26 2014

dream- I am at our old house, and in my middle room, when I had as a kid,It is not liked when I was a kid, it had the light blue carpet ..and blue and white flower wallpaper that they had done, when kris had been gone to college, and she would stay in the old room I had...   I am with Jessica lang [the american horrow show, now she is a nun,at the asylum ]..and I was yelling at mom , I was trying to get my things, that I wanted for my other room.. She goes into the blue room..[jessica as ha


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