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ghostly image & friend visits

Thursday, June 11 2009

dream-I am seeing the ball from the ghost-hunters i watched last night and there is a small figure of a boy-making it move- was hard to see like it was a shadowy place. Then amanda is sitting on our couch smiling about something and she had on a white skirt. thats alll I recall. =(

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Creature from outer space??

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, February 14 2006

theme- I am outside- [front]- and its actually summer- seeing some odd creature in our garage-. people- Me- Neighborhood kids-. I think Some family members-? Theme- is also I am doing something in the garage- area- with some ball- [lining up the pins?] and trying not to knock them over- . [something like that]- I could see Ben and Ellen [kids]- out on the street and coming up to see what I was doing but I told them not to- even come closer since I am trying an experiment- .


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