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So many people so many places..attack from whom?

Lucid Intent
Saturday, July 18 2015

   dream- recall a vague scene,..where I am at our old home [which getting tired of dreaming about it] ...I do love the old house,but there's got to be other places to go..;) ...anyway while working on something in the living room.. I happen to see a bird cage...was familiar one ..and When I got close I thought it was the blue and white parakeet..peaking out of the window shaped cage ..Though When I looked in, I said "Hey,its our first parakeet Fidy..'' mom told me 

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Feeling high as a balloon

Tuesday, June 26 2012

dream 1- i am over at michaels,and talking to Travis about some electronic games,and we are laying down on his bed upside down (his bedroom is where brandens is } I am talking to michael who is in the living room as well. i am in some nice warm sweater ,brown,and then i had to get up since michael was in a funk and they had to go to some i got up and was still talking to travis and then we went outside and i go over to my house and mom is there and rachel is younger--,and were talkin


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