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helping catch a bunch of shady characters with starsky hutch

Wednesday, September 26 2012

dream 1-I am downtown [not our downtown] some place different,i feel i am with starsky and hutch looking at some people that come in, since i had worked with them at the bar club and trying to  tell them which ones were doing the pimping and of the madams saw me and i got a bit nervous about her sitting near me and she is asking me questions about the detectives that have been around -i just shrugged  and accted innocent ..she blew smoke in my face,and gave me a schedule,

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Trouble in the Bar

Tuesday, April 8 2008

Dream 1-I am at some place downtown. I don't recognize the area. I had been on a bus. I go to some Bar with some girl I knew [only in dream] and I wasn't sure I should go to this bar. I was waiting to go for a ride home i think? though the place was a bit interesting and I couldn't get a ride yet since they wanted to stay there. Other people were around and There was a chinese guy in charge that looked familiar [tv ]- and he was surving or going to make us our drinks. I might of had a crush on


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