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A lucid walkway , mixed up dreams

Lucid Intent
Sunday, May 10 2015

dream, I am a bit confused, in this dream , because I feel I am REALLY outside by my walkway, and in the dream its night time..and felt the gentle caress of the wind..I say its confusing because, As I am walking down to the gate, I stop and notice/feel.. that the length of the walkway is shorter.. I stop , and pause ''This is my walkway,?" and I was looking at the white tall fence and said "Yes,this is.''  but I recall that my walkway was NOT ..short.. I know our n

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passwords causes argument * bewitching dining habits

Saturday, May 11 2013

dream 1 - I am on the desk top computer [which i do not have anymore ] and its in the living room, when am playing farmville , or trying to , and i am getting annoyed I can't get it to work, Kris said "Use the password'' and I replied "There is NO password " and she is insisting, and I am arguing with her and started a fight , which I was not even crying [which is what i usually do in arguments} and I hear mom yelling at me 2 stop as well, and I got ticked off and then was able to start the game


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