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Hotel of hard knocks..

Sunday, December 30 2007

dream 1- I am at some strange hotel. With Laurie and I think Kris. The rooms are a bit non-formal. Rustic. I was seeing the neon signs above the hotel and yet it was near the ocean since we just took off our shoes and was walking up towards our rooms. we had our shoes and were carrying them up towards the room which the beds were singles and I wasn't sure where we all were going to sleep? I was thinking I should have taken the single room - NOT Kris since I was laying in a bed near

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Waves of Intensity

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, November 13 2007

Scene 1 ) This was a very intense dream. I am actually at 2 places. Some scenes are at home. I am on the beach and Was seeing the nice water. There were people around on the beach too. I think I was there with some family? Well I go over towards the water and I it was like I was Knowing there was going to be a Tidal Wave. I went towards the water I am actually swimming when I could see this HUGE Wave coming towards the beach. I was shocked. I am trying to actually get away from


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