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Play time with carpet aladdin Enemies abound

Sunday, September 6 2015

 Dream I just recalled some other scenes. I am near Jasmine's palace it was night time. I think we were taking turns on the carpet outside . I recall that I had to go quickly off the carpet since someone was attacking . Not sure whom it was. It might of been mozenrath. or another unknown preditor looks like it has wings flying down from the sky.  Jasmine is trying to get carpet safe. Aladdin was of course fighting with whomever it was. I was going to get to the carpet,but hear more

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Invading my magical 'hole' Past/present

Sunday, April 5 2015

dream- From what I remember, I was in a gymnasium, there were displays set up, and people walking around ,,I am waiting for someone don't recall at a display and something was not feeling came over,and was telling someone not to be near me..couldn't see who it was since it oddly felt like  there is a hole in the floor nearby, and its not a very deep one, just was round and had some light coming out of it...I felt that I was to be guarding the hole, least I think..


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