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playing with fire gets you in the wrong crowd

Wednesday, June 12 2013

dream - I recall being in school and we were fixing up the room and finishing our tests ..some one was cleaning out the drawer and had a candle lighter he was lighting up and I said "Put that away '' trying to tell him its dangerous .. he kept fooling around with it ..and finally he put it back after the teacher was back and we were all finished up .going to our lockers , and this guy was following us - so marlene and a few of us went to fool him and take the other city bus, though I think he wa

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Dirty HOTEL SERVICE and spell on Darrin?

Friday, June 11 2010

dream I am in some hotel, and I am talking to some people , some are family and some are just friends [only in dream]-and I am using some pool but its not that clean looking, i go look for a whirlpool- and I recall talking to people and sitting on some bar, and then almost falling off, but I went to the other part of the hotel, and was looking for the room with a whirlpool I just recall trying to go up the metal green steps-and am almost not sturdy and some others are following me that i don't k


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