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Lost in the muck

Wednesday, September 17 2008

dream 1- I think I am around some strange area, We are driving and looks to be some country area. ? I am also walking through some strange land. - I think this is where I meet up with Marlene and I think Freedie- where I go to the land and its a bit murky. I almost got stuck but then I went around another mound and I was able to get out of the murky area. I felt a bit lost and around the mountains. - I go back to the road and find them. So I think we had to get a bus and hoped it was the right o

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Strange School Teachers

Lucid Intent
Thursday, July 13 2006

scene 1- I am at school. and with the past group of students I use to be with. Some are strangers. The teacher is female. She is showing us some slide show of something [forgot what it was]- well I am doing something with missy E.. While we are observing the display ? Some reason I had to climb up on this ladder and do something with a paper? I think Mike B was wanting to know what I was doing and aslo wanted ether to know how old I was or my phone number. [he is the


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