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shopping with mom is ''bizarre'' lost direction

Friday, September 28 2012

dream 1-i am with mom in this strange building, it felt like chamberlin having a bizzare  of foods, and people had places we had to go down steps. Mom hands me dads wallet and wanted me to go get something am not sure what it was -food i think... i go back up the tiny steps and there wasn't anything open anymore...people were getting stuff around us .so we went around and bought some other things .....i went off somewhere and was still shopping around. I had to go and find the bus area and

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Baby coming or Not?

Monday, April 23 2007

scene 1- Something about going into a strange house. Its very humid out I don't know the house in life. Its out in some country. I go in and there is a bed there . I could see all the clothing. on and around the bed. etc. so its not really a neat place. There is some black woman on the bed sweating and She is in a dark dress. [blue]. She appears to be in agony and I hold her hand. She says "I am suppose to be in Labor. " I guess the baby wasn't coming out or it was going to be


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